Inakalum’s Mobile Coverage Snapshot Survey is an easy way to assess the state of play of mobile coverage in and around your city/town centre.  We’ll do a once-off survey in your area and show you the Signal Strength (dBm) and Capacity (upload/download speeds Mbps) for all 4 of the main Mobile Network Operators (EE, Vodafone, Three, Virgin Media O2).  Our snapshot surveys are priced to allow you to get an up-to-date assessment of the mobile coverage in your area at an affordable price.  Read more about Inakalum’s Mobile Coverage Surveying.

Cost: £1500 plus VAT

We’ll survey your city/town centre (up to 5 square kilometres) and plot the Signal Strength (dBm) and Capacity (upload/download speeds Mbps) on all streets, using a combination of driving surveys (where possible) and walking surveys in pedestrianised zones.  We’ll also survey all the main arteries into your city/town centre and the ring road around the city/town, if applicable.

At a cost of just £1500 plus VAT, we’ll deliver tens of thousands of signal strength and capacity measurements, giving you granular, street-level mobile coverage data for your city/town centre and the surrounding road arteries.

Signal Strength Sample - London

Sample Signal Strength Maps – London

What You Get

  • Survey to cover up to 5 km2 of city/town centre, ring road (if applicable) and major road arteries into city/town centre
  • Signal Strength (dBm) measured for every street in the city/town centre area
  • Capacity (upload/download speeds Mbps) measured for every street in the city/town centre area
  • All 4 Mobile Network Operators surveyed simultaneously – EE, Vodafone, Three, Virgin Media O2
  • Driving survey where possible and walking survey in pedestrianised zones
  • Signal strength measured for best signal type detected, in this order: 5G, 5G NSA, 4G, 3G
  • Upload/Download speeds measured at regular intervals (c. 5m) along all streets
  • Data hosted on our platform for 12 months and accessible through our web service
  • Data export in KML or CSV format, if required
  • You can expect over 20,000 Signal Strength and over 20,000 Capacity datapoints
  • Our surveys take less than a day and we aim to have the results to you on the same day
  • Depending on demand, we should be able to complete your survey within 10 working days of ordering

Sample Capacity Maps – Liverpool

The Benefits

  • Get an insight into how residents and visitors are served by all 4 main mobile operators
  • Find the ‘not spots’ where signal strength is poor
  • Identify areas where signal strength is good but upload/download speeds are poor because of capacity issues
  • Be fully informed when dealing with mobile network operators
  • Shape the conversation with network operators using your data, not the operator’s or Ofcom’s data
  • Get 40,000+ datapoints available to view on the Inakalum platform or exported for use on your own GIS platform, if required
  • View granular, street-level data with each datapoint timestamped and available to view
  • Get your survey results in just one day
  • Inakalum can also help you identify suitable street assets and backhaul to host small cells to improve coverage (separate service)

How To Book

If you’d like to book a Mobile Coverage Snapshot Survey for your area, or if you’ve any questions about the survey or other pricing models, just email us with your details and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Not Spot Example

Example of good signal strength but poor upload/download speeds