Inakalum Data-Gathering Agent Application

Inakalum is looking for people to gather data using a smartphone application in Dublin City Centre. You can read what’s involved below and submit an application, if you’re interested.

What You’ll Be Doing
You will be required to cover the area on foot, walking every street, lane and park in an area. As you walk, you will use our smartphone App (training provided) to log street assets as you walk. You will photograph, add a name, position the pin on the map correctly, and categorise each asset using pre-defined categories.

The Area
We are looking for people living in or near Dublin to gather data in the city centre area (Dublin 2) using our smartphone App.

Your Availability
This is a small project covering just 1.2 square kilometres, but it could lead to larger projects in time.  For the initial phase, you must be available to work at least 3 days per week over 2 weeks (6 days in total), but you can work more days if you’re available and work remains to be done.

iPhone 6S or later
In order to participate in this project, you must have your own iPhone (model 6S or later) and agree to have Inakalum’s data-gathering apps installed on your personal phone for the duration of the training period.  All Inakalum apps and data must be deleted from your phone immediately, should Inakalum request you to do so for any reason.).

Full training will be provided (4 hours) and you must be available for training at one of two dates/times offered (dates/time to be confirmed on application).  Training will be unpaid, but trainees will be paid €50 for expenses on successful completion of their training session, whether or not they are selected to proceed with data-gathering and are happy to do so.

Your Fee
You will be paid €0.40 per street asset logged and *approved, and we would expect you to earn between €120 (300 assets logged) and €180 (450 assets logged) per day (6 working hours). *Assets may be rejected by our Central Review team for a variety of reasons, such as incorrect categorisation, blurred image, but any rejected assets can be re-submitted upon correction of issues.  Rejections are rare and training will emphasise the correct way to log assets to avoid rejections.

Additional Work
Inakalum will likely have an ongoing requirement for data-gathering in your area and you will be considered for additional projects at future dates.

Your Details
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