Being able to find places is smart, right?

Answer 10 questions to see how smart your city is at sharing data with its citizens

There are many facets to the ‘smartness’ of a city, but surely finding services and amenities is of fundamental importance to a city’s smartness? It’s so basic that it hardly needs mentioning, or does it? Well, most city authorities do not invest in making information on services and amenities easily available to the people who live, work and play in their cities.  So, yes, it does need mentioning!

As a starting point, every city should have a map-based app or web search facility where you can find the following services & amenities: all parking facilities, including bike racks and accessible parking places: healthcare facilities including every doctor, dentist, orthodontist, physiotherapist, health centre, hospital and clinic; retail outlets including all restaurants, cafés, coffee shops & takeaways, clothing & accessories stores, all DIY & home stores, supermarkets & convenience stores, service stations, beauty & personal care outlets; professional services including finance, legal, auctioneering, print & digital marketing, medical practitioners, insurance, recruitment & funeral services; places of interest including historical sites & buildings, famous landmarks, monuments & wall plaques, museums & art galleries, heritage & cultural places, scenic locations; accommodation including hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, hostels & self-catering; all sports clubs & fitness centres; education facilities including junior & senior schools, third level colleges & universities, crêches, montessoris & childcare facilities, language schools and adult education centres; government services including social welfare & employment serviced, family & youth services, local government centres, emergency services; public amenities including post offices & post boxes, banks & ATMs, community halls & centres, public libraries, recycling facilities, cemeteries & crematoriums, public parks & playgrounds.  That’s quite a list, but if your city does not have an online source (single source, not multiple sources) where you can find all of these services and amenities, is it really smart?

Smart City Test


Test - Is Your City Smart?

See how smart your city is at sharing data with its citizens by answering 10 questions.

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1. Retail - Clothes & Accessories Stores

Can you find, in one search, all the clothing/apparel stores in your city, including ladies & gents clothing, accessories and shoes?

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2. Tourism - Historical Sites & Landmarks

In a single search, can you find all the historical places of interest in your city, including historical buildings and sites, famous landmarks, monuments and wall plaques?

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3. Bike Parking

In a single search, can you find all the bike racks in your city?

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4. Accessible Parking

In a single search, can you find all the accessible parking places in your city?

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5. Healthcare Facilities

In a single search, can you find all the healthcare facilities in your city, including hospitals, health centres & clinics, doctors, dentists & orthodontists, pharmacies, physiotherapists, opticians & other medical practitioners?

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6. Sports

In a single search, can you find all the sports facilities in your city including sports stadiums & arenas, playing fields, soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, swimming, gym & fitness studios?

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7. Government & Public Service

In a single search, can you find all the government & local government offices, employment services, social welfare services, youth services, family services, housing services, and emergency services in your city?

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8. Postal Services

In a single search, can you find all post offices and post boxes in your city?

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9. Entertainment

In a single search, can you find all the entertainment options in your city, including bars, cinemas, theatres, performing arts, and casinos?

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10. Education & Childcare

In a single search, can you find all the educational & childcare services in your city including primary & secondary schools, third level colleges & universities, crêches & childcare facilities, montessoris, language schools, special needs schools, and adult education?

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We have devised a simple 10-step test which will help you assess how smart your city is when it comes to providing location information on services & amenities.  When taking the test, remember that you should be able to find all of the services & amenities from a single search source – an app, or a website – and display them on a map with an accompanying list.