Update 10 June 2021 – Inakalum is no longer accepting applications for this role.

Inakalum is looking for an experienced Web Developer with design and development skills in both front-end web development and server-side PHP components connecting to a SQL database.  Salary range: €45k – €55k p.a. depending on experience.

The Company

Phoneware Ltd. (t/a Inakalum) has been developing software for 25 years and has applications deployed in every US embassy and consulate worldwide. Inakalum is a solution for building geospatial databases for local authorities which the company has spent the 4 years developing. With its proprietary suite of geospatial data-gathering tools, Inakalum builds databases that local authorities so that planners and operational staff can see everything in their areas, including street assets, public services & amenities, and all other places in the public domain (retail, hospitality, business, tourism, healthcare, community, etc.).  Inakalum uses AI & ML tools for analysing/predicting best locations for public services and amenities.


* Applicants must be resident in Ireland and have an appropriate work permit

* This role is for an experienced developer and is not suitable for graduate developers.  Inakalum will be recruiting graduate developers shortly, so please wait for those roles if you’re a graduate developer.

Skills Required

* Degree in computer science or similar, or relevant work experience

* Development experience in technologies such as PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java

* At least 2 years industry experience in web development (must be industry experience, college experience is not sufficient)

* Experience with mobile web applications

* A good knowledge of data security and user authentication

* Strong web-based UI development capabilities

* Experience in Machine Learning development is desirable

* Highly motivated and keen to learn and embrace new technologies

* An ability to work as part of an agile development team


May 2021 – we are currently accepting applications for this position.  If you are suitably qualified and you’d like to apply for this job, please email your application with details of relevant industry experience, together with a CV, to jobs@inakalum.com